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FW&G 200 Speed (Flat Wire & Grinding)

The FW&G 200 SPEED machine is equipped with two independent stations that operate simultaneously.
In particular the bottom one is able to manufacture flat wire winding and the upper one is able to
manufacture automatic string grinding through a sand paper belt.
1) FLAT WIRE WINDING STATION: it performs the winding of all kinds of flat wire.
The core wire tension is regulated pneumatically by a digital manometer and the pressure can be converted from BAR to KG. The wrap wire is tensioned with a magnetic tensiometer that can be adjusted through a range scale. In order to perform different wire sizes the carriage is provided with a scale that allows to regulate the head angular position. The pitch parameter can be set in thousands of millimeters to obtain the desired stiffness of the string. The control panel allows the operator to save up to 500 working programs.
Thanks to a special device assembled on the machine it is possible to polish the string on the top station in order to give the desired smoothness. The machine is able to polish all kinds of strings just replacing the sand paper belt according to different superficial grains. The belt is made of a special material displaying a pyramid structure that guarantees the consistent consumption during usage ensuring always the same quality of the finish. The operator can choose two different options for the grinding operation (forwards or backwards/forwards run) and the number of runs. It is possible to regulate three speeds: rotation speed of the string, translation speed of the carriage and rotation speed of the belt (from 4000 to 10000 rpm). The machine is equipped with a vacuum system which has three main advantages:
a- dust suction on the string;
b- string cooling function;
c- keeps mechanical parts cleaned.

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Description of technical features

  • Highly precise technology with electronic cards
  • Rotation speed up to 28000 rpm
  • Spindle: extremely precise and long lasting, without any maintenance.
  • DELTA touch screen controller to store up to 500 different working programs
  • Brushless motors SANYO both for the spindles and the carriages; best response to high temperature, fast, precise and low energy consumption: 1,7KW/h
  • The carriage is compact and stable, and is activated by a toothed belt
  • The tension of the core wire is regulated by a digital manometer
  • Magnetic tensioner equipped with a special pulley coated with rubber in order to prevent the cutting and used to regulate the tension of the wrap wire
  • Polycarbonate safety guards of 5mm
  • The transmission from the motor to the spindle is realized by a toothed belt Mod. 160XL037 GoodYear. Expected lifetime: more than 3000 hours
  • Grinding Device: machine equipped with a motor and a belt.
  • Sand paper belts, material Trizact 953 FA, length 520mm, width: 12-19 mm


Length: 280 cm
Width: 90 cm
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 400 Kg
Voltage: 117/220 (up to the customer)