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Winding Machines

WVY 190 Speed (Nylon)

The winding machine is an automated machine designed for the manufacturing of musical instrument strings. In particular this machine wraps automatically a wire around a core wire in order to manufacture a musical string. The machine can be equipped with a single or a double station depending on the customer’s need. These two stations are completely independent and they realize two kinds of movement: one rotational and one translational. The regulation of the tension is obtained as follows:

1. For the wrap wire: by a magnetic tensioner
2. For the nylon core wire by a pneumatic cylinder (from 60 to 105 mm)

The machine functioning requires the presence of an operator for the loading and unloading of the string on both the stations.
The winding machine can be designed for different kinds of instrument: guitar, violin, etc… The machine can be activated by pushing two pedals, one per each station.



Description of technical features

  • Sophisticated and advanced electronics
  • Speed up to 28000 rpm
  • Spindle: extremely precise and extra balanced with no vibrations

and new generation bearings

  • Touch control panel
  • Brushless motors both for spindles and carriages; these motors

are not subject to heating; they are very fast, highly precise, and low energy consumption: 1.7 KW/h

  • Very accurate carriage to transport the wrap wire
  • Very user friendly
  • Hook stops in the exact same position as at the beginning of the
    winding, which means: EASIER HANDLING
  • Button for SLOW start in order to allow the perfect insertion of the wrap wire
  • Top quality pneumatic equipment
  • The tension of the core wire can be regulated with superior precision
  • High control of the wrap wire tension, which is regulated magnetically through a tensioner. The tensioner is equipped with a pulley covered with special, anti-cut rubber that creates attrition and prevents the wire from slipping away
  • Two clippers that sustain the wrap wire along the path from the spool to the tensioner. This allows high speed winding while maintaining high quality standard
  • Two cylinders that support the string during the winding process, to avoid vibrations
  • Possibility to store up to 500 programs per each station
  • New pitch sensor, able to detect wire pitch and to adapt the carriage speed to it
  • Synchronized stop at the end of the string for big wire sizes in order to avoid core wire breaking
  • Pre-twisting of core wire before the winding process
  • Silk mode , to apply the silk on both sides of the string


Length: 280 cm
Width: 90 cm
Height: 150 cm
Weight: 400 Kg
Voltage: 117/220 (up to the customer)