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about us cms machines


C.M.S. Ltd was born in year 2004 from the match between
the management expertise in the field of precision engineering
and the requirement of the musical strings manufacturing
industry (guitar, bass, violin strings).

Founder’s Note

First and Foremost, I would like to thank all our esteemed customers for trusting us and making us one of the leading companies in this field. With my experience spanning over 30 years in the automotive industry, I strongly believe that our activities should be directed towards value addition and customer satisfaction. We constantly improve the design and quality to make sure our customers are not only satisfied but are also delighted.

CEO: Michele Cicchitti

about us cms machines

Company Profile

The past 30 years of experience in the field of automation allowed CMS to successfully implement the know how gained in the automotive industry in order to become a production entity capable of developing automated machines used during the manufacturing process and packaging of music strings. Thank to its flexibility (built-to-order) and core competences C.M.S. is able to offer to its customer a high level of customization in the construction of process automation machines. Our leadership in technology and our engineering consulting services have enabled us to reduce, simplify and improve musical strings production time. As a full service provider, we offer our customers engineering consulting and financial support services, after sales services, dedicated on-site training and 1 year warranty on products included in the price of the machines. Our company consistently pursues the consolidation of its market position in the production of music industry technologies through the optimization of our product portfolio combined with R&D and innovation promotion.