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Ball End Machines

B55 – 150

The standard ball end machine is designed to attach the ball both on the hexagonal wire and round wire (with a lock twist) during the manufacturing of musical strings. The machine is able to produce 1440 strings per hour ranging from a gauge of .008 to .021. The length of the string can vary from 55 cm to 150 cm. The machine is also able to produce loop ended strings. The machine can be customized according to the specific request.

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  •  Highly precise technology with brushless motors
  • Touch screen console
  • Control of ball presence: when the ball is not present in the chuck or in the feeder disk the machine stops automatically
  • Polycarbonate guards with electrical safety
  • Control on the wire presence
  • Equipment for round wire
  • Equipment for loop end
  • Quick balls container replacement to allow the placement of several ball models/versions
  • Possibility to regulate the speed of the machine in order to modify the time cycle (up to 2.5 seconds, 11500 strings per 8h shift)
  • From 4 to 20 revolutions to fix the ball on the string
  • Gauge from .008 to .021 with simple regulations
  • Operator friendly (or User friendly)
  • By changing 2 simple screws the machine can switch from round to hexagonal wire
  • String counter
  • Possibili to store up to 30 programs


Length: 120 cm
Width: 130 cm
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 365 Kg
Voltage: 117/220 (up to the customer)